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Sundarban Express Train Schedule

The Sundarban Express (725) runs from Khulna to Dhaka. It starts from Khulna station at 09:45 pm BST and reaches Dhaka station at 05:10 am BST. The journey takes around 07:25 h. The Sundarban Express (726) runs from Dhaka to Khulna. It starts from Dhaka station at 08:15 am BST and reaches Khulna station at 03:50 pm BST. The journey takes around 07:35 h. All the information here is collected from the official website of Bangladesh Railway. From there you can get the tickets to travel.

To buy a ticket, you must register first with your NID, Mobile Number, and Date of Birth. Tickets can be bought online ten days in advance, from the website or the official Rail Sheba app. You can pay for the tickets using Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay, Mastercard, Visa, DBBL Nexus, etc.

Sundarban Express Train Schedule
Sundarban Express Train Schedule

Sundarban Express (725) Train Schedule

Train Route: Khulna to Dhaka

Departure Time: 09:45 pm BST

Arrival Time: 05:10 am BST

Total Duration: 07:25 h

Train Off Day: Tue

KhulnaNoneNone09:45 pm BSTNone
Daulatpur09:56 pm BST0209:58 pm BST00:11
Noapara10:21 pm BST0310:24 pm BST00:23
Jashore10:52 pm BST0410:56 pm BST00:28
Mubarakganj11:23 pm BST0211:25 pm BST00:27
Kotchandpur11:37 pm BST0211:39 pm BST00:12
Chuadanga12:20 am BST0312:23 am BST00:41
Alamdanga12:39 am BST0212:41 am BST00:16
Poradaha12:56 am BST0401:00 am BST00:15
Kushtia_Court01:12 am BST0301:15 am BST00:12
Pangsha01:49 am BST0201:51 am BST00:34
Rajbari02:20 am BST0502:25 am BST00:29
Faridpur02:57 am BST0303:00 am BST00:32
Bhanga03:45 am BST0303:48 am BST00:45
Dhaka05:10 am BSTNoneNone01:22
Sundarban Express (725) Train Schedule

Sundarban Express (726) Train Schedule

Train Route: Dhaka to Khulna

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Departure Time: 08:15 am BST

Arrival Time: 03:50 pm BST

Total Duration: 07:35 h

Train Off Day: Wed

DhakaNoneNone08:15 am BSTNone
Bhanga09:26 am BST0309:29 am BST01:11
Faridpur10:05 am BST0310:08 am BST00:36
Rajbari10:40 am BST1010:50 am BST00:32
Pangsha11:13 am BST0211:15 am BST00:23
Kushtia_Court11:47 am BST0311:50 am BST00:32
Poradaha12:15 pm BST0512:20 pm BST00:25
Alamdanga12:35 pm BST0212:37 pm BST00:15
Chuadanga12:53 pm BST0312:56 pm BST00:16
Darshana_Halt01:21 pm BST0301:24 pm BST00:25
Kotchandpur01:48 pm BST0201:50 pm BST00:24
Mubarakganj02:02 pm BST0202:04 pm BST00:12
Jashore02:32 pm BST0302:35 pm BST00:28
Noapara03:03 pm BST0303:06 pm BST00:28
Daulatpur03:30 pm BST0203:32 pm BST00:24
Khulna03:50 pm BSTNoneNone00:18
Sundarban Express (726) Train Schedule

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